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Seasoned Agent Silvia Amador Reveals Secrets to Her Success


22 Mar Seasoned Agent Silvia Amador Reveals Secrets to Her Success

The summer of 2008 hit the real estate market like none other in modern history. Misinformed middle class families jumped into home loans that might have not been in their best interest. They wanted to amortize the American dream. Unfortunately greed and corruption became synonymous with the real estate loan industry, and in the midst of a fickle market, we are left wondering, do real estate agents have buyers and sellers best interest in mind? For those agents who have a true passion in real estate, are able to adapt and even stay ahead of the curve, the answer is yes. Take for example Sylvia Amador of “Amador Realty Group,” a nationally recognized real estate agent and award winner of Keller Williams Best Realtor Awards, who has done wonderful things for her clients and the industry for more than 18 years. In a recent informational interview with Sylvia Amador, it quickly became apparent how her personal philosophy and evolution with the market has resulted in referrals comprising 90% of her business.

The following are excerpts from an interview with our very own Silvia Amador.


What do you think has been the key to your success?

Well, I don’t perceive myself as a seller, but see myself as more of an accommodator, a solution provider. I work with a team of painters, contractors, interior designers, exterminators, and staging companies. I know them and trust them that they will get the job done. A lot of my clients don’t have the time to choose minute details like which color to paint the interior of a house for example. We will walk through a property and ask ourselves, ‘How can we make this house into a home?’, ‘Which walls could we knock down to make the space more welcoming?’, or ‘Where can we add an extra window to get the best view?’. We work with a team, and we’ve learned a lot in the course of 18 years.


Do you pay this attention to detail to smaller units as well?

I recently worked on a condominium that no one wanted to take up because it needed so much work done, and few agents saw its potential. We changed the countertop tiles to granite, repainted the walls a neutral gray so that anybody could see themselves living in it.


What surprised you the most about this project?

The outcome, the seller was extremely nervous and thought that we might not sell the property. Well, after we finished remodeling the condo with our team, we increased the value by $25,000. This was certainly an accomplishment when looking at how recent sales of nearby complexes essentially fixed the price. We had two offers within the first day in the market and ended up accepting five offers, in cash. The client was extremely happy. But we don’t just do this for condos. We do this for homes as well. Now the client is investing in properties herself.


It’s incredible how you completely transform houses and how that translates it into maximum profit for your sellers. How do buyers benefit from working with your team?

Beyond ensuring the property is up to code, we make sure its clean, and as move-in-ready as possible. We want to make it as easy for our buyers. Moving is already stressful within itself.


When speaking to Sylvia, there are two words that come to mind: approachable and masterful. Approachable because she is someone who is absolutely in love with her profession. She finds it not only rewarding but is also extremely appreciative that being a realtor affords her to spend time with her family. Masterful because her 18 years in the industry has allowed her to command a formula for success that leaves her clients so satisfied, that she’s been able to build her business upon referrals. She has managed to recession-proof a capricious vocation and build a brand while weathering the storm.


If you’d like to work with Silvia Amador and her team, please feel free to click here to contact us with any of your questions and needs!

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