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Foreign Investors

Amador Realty Group is proud to announce that we will be working with one of the most sought-after immigration experts to make it possible for foreign investors to purchase property in the U.S. Jessica Dominguez, known as the “Angel of Justice” from the popular morning show “Despierta America!”, is a trusted immigration lawyer who is also featured on Univision’s Spanish network, The Washington Post and Los Angeles Times.


Amador Realty Group will be working with the Attorney Jessica Dominguez’s expertise to help foreign investors obtain the appropriate visa to purchase and conduct business within our wonderfully culture rich Southern California.


Amador Realty Group has a list of reputable lenders at our disposal. Contact us when you need assistance with your investments or purchase.


Real Estate Investors from Mexico

With our strong relationships and business partnerships in both Mexico and The United States, The team behind Amador Realty Group has the connections, experience, strength and capabilities to put together all the complex aspects for a successful investment from Mexico to the US.

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Real Estate Investors from Canada

New business ties this year have allowed us to take what we’ve done to the next level for Canadians interested in investing in real estate here in the United States. Partner with Amador Realty Group when you need to tackle all the tax, legal and immigration requirements for a successful investment.

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Investor from another country?

Our connections and business assets don’t stop in North America. Contact Amador Realty Group today! We may have a solution for you as well, as many of the same processes apply. Let’s discuss your needs and we will draw you up a no obligation plan.

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